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PayPal Want Lists!

Paypal Wantlist
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A Few Simple Rules

1: DO NOT POST SALES IN THIS COMMUNITY!!! ONLY POST WANTS/WISHLISTS. Any listing of items for sale should only be done in the comments area in response to the corresponding post.
2: Please be willing to pay with PayPal for items that are offered to you. This is a community related to paypal_love so we need to keep the PayPal spirit alive!
3: You can post one picture (400x400 pixels or smaller) but please put any other pictures under an LJ Cut.
4: If you reply to a want ad, please dont just say "I think you might like my stuff! Click my username!" ... Unless the person asked for people to do that. Usually people want a link or at least a description of what you have that they might like. You may say something like "I have a pair of earrings in my journal under Jewelry" and then they know where to look for the item.
5: The MOD reserves the right to delete ANY post without warning.
6: If you are going to request any items such as burned CD's or DVD, please only offer to trade for them. Any paying/selling of such items will result in the deletion of the post and possibly the banning of the users involved.

♥ MOD ♥
If there are any problems, feel free to let me know, either by email, or post a comment in my journal.

*** paypal_wantlist and its moderator are in no way responsible for any transactions or anything related to the transactions that may occur in this community. This is simply a helpful tool to let users ask for and find the items they want. ***

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