My wantlist  :)

Converse All Star Sneakers  Sz 6 Mens/8 Womens
Guys Shirts/Polos from A&F, American Eagle, Hollister  Size S/M
Purses/Wallets form Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Chanel, Juicy Couture
House Season 2
Gemstone Rings Size 5
Urban Outfitters Clothing Size Small

Show me what you have :)   I will buy if the price is reasonable.  I will also trade if I have anything you need so just ask.  Thanks!

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I still want:

♥ People to trade with! Want to trade? Let me know!

♥ People to join my mailing list for my webstore. Just go here and enter your email on the left side http://www.shoplolarox.com

♥ GIFTCARDS! Show me what you have! I'll only trade for these though unless its some kind of fabulous deal.

♥ MAC makeup - No lipstick. Other higher end makeup okay too.

♥ Designer stuff - shoes size 9.5, no clothes, anything else is fine. Especially coach carly bag!

♥ CUTE & like new purses (nothing too small)

♥ Got any cute AT&T cellphones you'd want to TRADE?? (will not buy)

I prefer to trade, so please take a look at my LJ as well as my webstore http://www.shoplolarox.com if you want to trade. Also I have collectively over 300++ positive feedback that I will be happy to give you links to. So if you have 20 feedback and I ask you to send first don't get all huffy with me please :o)

IF I LOVE IT I might pay, but only with paypal, I DO NOT send cash in the mail, sorry.

want list....

-guys dogpile, or tripp nyc skinny jeans size 34 or 33
- band patches ( punk)
-cheap band shirts (punk)
- size 11 black denim mini skirt
- show me your large juniors sweaters
- pink knit scarf
- pink knit  hat
- purple hat
- all winter hats
- size 10 womens creepers
- size large juniors flannel button shirt or misses  s or medium
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Christmas presents!

+Zombie related things- OLD zombie flicks, clothing, figurines. ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE!!!
+Inch gauges- Something unique but cheap please.
+Star Wars related things- Shirts(new), figurines, cheap collector items.
+JOY DIVISION SHIRT, looking for a unique one. But i'll look at anything. Shirt size Small or Medium mens.
+Pac sun, zumiez, hot topic, against all odds gift cards. Any balance!

+Books that have those buttons that make noise, new.
+Anything that makes noise actually.

+2xl shirts new
+Size 10-11 slippers
+Mouse figurines.
+Eyeore items.

+ACDC or Queen coffee table books. New or in good condition.
+XL or 2XL plaid pj mens pants, new.
+Pennstate collector items, no clothes.
musical kittay.

Marc Jacobs, Forget me Knot ring and Abercrombie & Fitch/Ruehl

1) Show me your Marc Jacobs/Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories! Jewelry, sunglasses, wallets, mirrors, anything!

2) Does anyone have this ring in a size 6 or 7?

3) Anything from Abercrombie & Fitch and/or Ruehl that is CURRENTLY BEING SOLD IN THE STORE! Size small for tops, size 2 for jeans. For Ruehl I usually wear extra smalls, but I'll definitely look at smalls! And I wear 25 and 26 waists in their jeans.

Thanks. :)


I have a small list of wants, and i don't think i can purchase any right now, but im willing to trade for them.

Rise Against - Generation Lost DVD
Wanted on DVD
2ga plugs for my ears - looking at glass, sillicone and stone
BAF gift certificates (
City Beach (australian store) gift certificates
loreal lash architech mascara in black - must be new
sillicone covers for my mp3 player which is a Samsung P2
women's weekly book on cupcakes RRP $24.95 (or any cupcake recipe books)
Sarah Dessen books (i have Dreamland, Just Listen and Lock & Key)
Jenny Downham - Before I Die (book)

Take a look in my selling journal if there are things you might like to trade for any of these items....

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This is probably a looooooong shot but I'm looking to buy the Twilight series by stephenie meyer...used...can even be very used. Long story short, I want to buy a copy of all the books for my aunt. I don't care if they're beat up, bent, used and abused. But they need to be CHEAP. She's moving out of state for a few months, otherwise I'd let her borrow one of my two copies. hahaha.

New Moon

by stephenie meyer

I prefer to pay via paypal

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  ** I am looking to preferably TRADE (maybe buy, if it's really cheap!) I can trade from any of my sales/magazines/cds lists. Look here to see items I have available: http://lovely2bme.livejournal.com/11805.html

** Looking for people to trade with - if you trade send me your LJ =) **

Need Tons of Clothes!!!

Sizes for Clothes:
Tops S-M
Bottoms 5-7

House decorations
must be contemporary - need things like paintings, stuff to put on wall, decorative items for tables, etc.
Earings/necklaces, etc.
Cell Phone Charms
anything gold/silver
anything cute & stylish lol
Shoes ... boots and heels - size 7-7.5

Makeup - preferably new and unused

Teeth Whitestrips - any brand

Any Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secrets perfumes/sprays/lotions

Any Perfumes